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518 Rolling Mill Avenue, CO Inhalation/Haz Mat

1317: AHCO and East End dispatched to 518 Rolling Mill Ave for Carbon Monoxide inhalation. Crew at station for block shoot and quickly responded, C772 in command. Update from county, CO detector activation in the home for some time today, batteries changed and re-activated. Home owners advised to exit home. E776 on scene, crew of […]

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.22 Indoor Block Shoot For Turkeys

Our first shoot for 2014-2015 will be Sunday November 23rd at noon. The $7 entry fee includes 5 door prizes for a turkey and also includes all you can eat hot dogs, soup and beverages. Each shoot is $2 with $3 for last money shoot, 12 shoots for turkeys and 3 money shoots, 15 total. Our […]

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26 North Greenwood St, Electrical Fire

0814: Tamaqua Fire, rescue and EMS, dispatched to 26 North Greenwood St in Tamaqua. Possible electrical fire inside E776 responding, update from county, occupants of apartment #1 reporting odor of rubber burning from apartment #2. Other units repsonding. Units on scene, nothing showing, all other units to respond under reduced rate. Rescue and L770 holding […]

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Fall Home Heating Safety

Tips for a safe fireplace •Have your fireplace inspected by a certified chimney sweeper. Many fires are caused by creosote buildup in the chimney or stovepipe. •Use a metal mesh screen to prevent sparks from popping out of the fireplace. •Leave glass fireplace doors open while burning a fire. These doors can reach temperatures of […]

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9th Annual Golf Tournament

On Saturday October 4th, The American Hose Fire Company will be having our 9th Annual Golf  Tournament at White Birch Golf course. Beer, hot dogs, soda and bean soup will be readily available on the course and we are pleased to have you join us for a steak dinner after the event at the firehouse located at […]

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