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Care For Your Home Heating System

It is not too early to think about your home heating system. Now is the time to work with a licensed professional to schedule a time for a heating system review and assure it is working as it should. With the colder months coming up, your heating system will be working overtime. If your system is […]

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Golf Tournament

The 11th annual AHCO Golf Tournament will take place Sunday September 25th at the White Birch Golf Course. This is a fun time as well as a great fundraiser for the AHCO. Your participation is much appreciated. Registration and sponsor forms are online.  More information and forms for printing are on our Golf Tournament web page, […]

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36 Progress Avenue Rush Township, Commercial Fire

08/17 1936: Tamaqua Fire Department for Ladder 770, Citizens, East End for an engine, automatic response mutual aid to Hometown for a commercial fire, Silberline Manufacturing. AHCO with a crew on L770 responding, Citizens E782 responding followed by E778 from East End. Update from county, aluminum fire, C27-03 on scene. C25-01 on scene, requesting Hometown tanker […]

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305 West Broad St., House Fire

08/05 0358: Tamaqua Fire Department, Rescue, EMS, dispatched to 305 West Broad St. for reported house fire. South Ward E784 off the floor, update from county, occupant woke up and found couch smoldering. Citizens E782 responding followed by AHCO E776. E784 on scene, E776 on scene, L770 en-route.  AHCO E775 responding. Per command, all units not […]

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