Busy Day for Tamaqua Fire

2-13-2019 1639: 306 West Spruce St, reported electrical fire inside the residence.

C65-03 on scene with nothing showing from the exterior. E6510 in route. Update from C65-03, fire is out, was located at panel box. E6514 responding and onscene along with L6520 and E6512. C65-03 requesting PPL to the scene to disconnect power, all Tamaqua units to proceed in, E40-17 cancelled.

Crews remained on scene for a short period of time and cleared.


2-13-2019 2038: 691 Arrow Road, West Penn Township. reported Chimney Fire.

E6510 responded with 7, Station 3 was training with L6520, returned to station to pickup additional crew from East End and AHCO, responding with 5. District 37 units arriving on scene, visible fire from chimney.

E6510 arrived on scene, crew sent to front of structure for manpower pool. L6520 arrived on scene along with additional engines from District 55, 32 and Mahoning Township. 37 crews on roof suppressing fire and working to clear material that is burning. 6510 crew sent to interior with TIC to check for any extension.

Dist 65 and Mahoning cleared shortly later.


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