101 Rowe St, House Fire

10/19/2021 1412: Tamaqua Fire, Tamaqua Rescue, EMS, dispatched to 101 Rowe St for reported house fire.

Citizens E6512 responding and on scene, structure adjacent to their house. C6502 on scene and in command. AHCO E6510 in route. C6502 confirmed working fire. Citizens with L6520 in route and to come in behind Rowe St down the one way, E6512 laid in to C side of structure, E6510 took the A side. South Ward E6514 in route and took A side, as well as AHCO E6511 and East End E6513.

Fire in basement at 101A Rowe, line in service to the C side and also line in service from A side. Fire quickly knocked down, overhaul in progress, ladder set up to the roof of the structure.

Homes cleared of smoke and checked for extension. Units started to be released by 1500 with all units cleared shortly after.

Pictures can be seen on Facebook from Justin Startzel, along with video.

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