87 Tide Road, Rush Township, Structure Fire, Automatic Mutual Aid for Out Of Town Call

11/10/2021 0927: American Hose for an engine and Tamaqua Fire Dept for L6520, dispatched to 87 Tide Road, Rush Township for a reported structure fire. Shortly after incident upgraded to working commercial fire with station 2, Citizens, added for an engine. Heavy column pushing visible for miles.

E6510 arrived on scene to A-D corner, laying in from hydrant. Heavy fire exterior at Highwood USA, large amount of product compromised and fire spreading internally to structure. 5″ to Hometown E2510 and multiple large diameter lines pulled. L6520 set up at A-B corner for roof access. C65 in command of safety.

Citizens E6512 on Tide Road setting up for drafting, due to high volume of water needed, multiple hydrants in use as well as tanker task force. Mcadoo L4920 set up at A-D corner and fed from E6510. Manpower from Tamaqua units sent to D side with handlines and tools and entrance made at C-D corner with 2 1/2″ line in service. Difficulty with extinguishing product externally with multiple lines in service. Second entry made on D side with ground monitor in use as well as waterer from L4920, interior wall with more product and material on fire. Tuscarora E2717 set up for decon.

EMA and multiple companies from surrounding area on scene for air monitoring. By noon, exterior fire 90% extinguished with interior fire still burning. Decision made to move tower operations to D side and open up he wall to flow water. Hazle Twp and Mahanoy City towers opened up D side creating access for large amounts of water to flow onto fire. By 1430, units starting to be released with all Tamaqua units released by 1530.

Special thank you to all the local and distant fire and EMS units that responded, as well as Ryan Township rehab unit and local restaurants, stores and citizens that provided food and water to fire fighters and EMS. La Dolce Casa, Two Kings Pizzeria, Basile Restaurant, Luigi’s Pizzeria, Boyers, Walmart.

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