655 East Broad St, House Fire

06/22/2021 0655: Tamaqua Fire, Tamaqua Rescue, EMS, dispatched to 655 East Broad St for reported house fire.

AHCO E6510 responding, update from county, PD on scene and confirming working fire and update to address, 644 East Broad. Captain 65-1 requesting RIT, able to see smoke column from station. Coaldale for an engine and tower and Carbon RIT added to call. Citizens E6512 responding. E6510 on scene confirming heavy fire to rear of structure, captain 65-1 in command, water supply established at broad and Federal, Citizens E6512 also laid in from Broad and Columbia. L6520, E6511, East End S6513 South Ward E6514 responding. Multiple lines in service from front of structure, command requesting additional units to the rear.

L6520 on scene and set up to rear of structure, Coaldale tower also setting up to rear of structure. E6514 establishing water supply to rear of structure. Pottsville RIT added to call. Both ladder and tower opening roof. Bulk of fire knocked, Carbon RIT going to work for overhaul, Pottsville RIT on scene, command asking for RIT to front and additional manpower if available to front of structure.

About 90 minutes into call, fire placed under control with overhaul in process. Units started to clear about 0900, with E6510 and E6512 to remain on scene.

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