1349 East Broad St., Vehicle Accident, Unknown Injury

1358: AHCO, East End, Tamaqua Rescue, dispatched to 1349 East Broad St., reported vehicle accident, unknown injuries. Update from county, reported 1 vehicle down an embankement, unknown on entrapment. Location on the #11 hill.

E778 responding, county advised that one patient still in vehicle, unconscious with difficulty breathing.   E778 trying to locate accident, county trying to obtain better location. Now reported that patient out of vehicle and combative, PD arriving, possible medical condition. Accident location on 209 in Coaldale borough, Coaldale PD and fire being dispatched. E776 en-route, county advised that air-medical on standby for Jamesway Plaza.

R992 and E778 on scene followed by E776. EMS advised county to cancel air medical. E778 requesting cancel for Coaldale FD and E776 cancelled and returning to service.

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