210 Washington Street, Reported Apartment Building Fire

9/9, 2356: Tamaqua Fire Department, Rescue, EMS, dispatched to 210 Washington St for reported apartment building fire.

E784 responding, update from county, PD on scene reporting working fire with entrapment in rear apartment. E782 and E778 responding, county reporting possible entrapment at this time. C771 on radio, requesting second alarm. AHCO responding with crew on E776, followed by L770 and crew on E775. Large smoke column scene from various areas in Tamaqua. Carbon RIT and Coaldale Fire Co. dispatched.

E784 on scene, heavy fire on side B and C of 210 building with smoke pushing from second and third floors. Primary fire building, 210 Washington, 4 unit apartment unit, with other half of duplex, 212 Washington, unoccupied. Crews established hand lines and ground lines onto fire B side. E776 on scene with crews gaining entrance to side A of 210 building. Primary search initiated. Other units arriving on scene, gaining entry to 212 building and establishing roof access with 28′ extension ladder from L770, L770 just beyond reach of roof line. Crews establishing attack from C side of structure, difficult due to limited access points. Reports of floor burned through on second floor and other reports of heavy burned areas to be careful. No entrapment, all occupants accounted for. Secondary search completed.

Engine 778 and L770 re-positioned and stick deployed to the roof line. 2 crews on roof for venting operations. Concern that roof may be compromised above 210 building, crews to clear the roof. Fire fighter descending the aerial became ill, EMS requested to the ladder truck, and fire fighter assisted down. Stick bedded and nozzle locked into defensive position, re-deployed for water operations. Hole above 210 building venting fire. Crews making progress to attic area to extinguish. Ryan EMS on scene for support and rehab.

Within an hour, most of fire knocked down, overhaul in progress. Fire declared under control after 90 minutes. Carbon RIT and Coaldale Fire Co. being released. About 0300, E775 and L770 released from scene. Additional units released over next hour or so. Citizens called back to scene at about 0645.

7 people, including one child, and pets were displaced and being assisted by the Red Cross and Tamaqua Salvation Army.

Pictures compliments of Tamaqua Area.com, Fire and Film.com and from friends on social media sites. Additional media posts are located at: WNEP, Tamaqua Area.com, Morning Call,

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