201 East Broad St, AFA

0930: Tamaqua fire, rescue and EMS, dispatched to 201 East Broad St for automatic fire alarm, Magestic House. Soon after page, Tamaqua PD on scene reporting smoke condition on second floor.

C772 at AHCO and quickly on scene. PD now reporting fire on second floor and evacuation underway. C772 changed call to multiple residential working structure fire and assumed command. E776 responded and took position on B side of building. C772 requesting second alarm, Coaldale for manpower and Carbon RIT assignment. Other Tamaqua units responding. L770 took position on B side as well.

High rise pack connected and line laid in on second floor, stand pipe connections made. Resident with burns removed from building and AHCO crew made forciable entry in room. Smoke condition throughout building, other units assisting with evacuation of residents. Fire contained, overhaul in process. Windows opened and line used to vent the room.

At approximatly 1230, Tamaqua units called back to the scene for rekindle. Rescue 992 reporting working fire with heavy smoke showing from windows. Crew at AHCO for event, responded quickly with E776 and took position on B/C corner, using hydrant across the street. Line laid in and fire quickly contained and extinguished in a closet area.

Special THANK YOU to Tamaqua Burger King, Tamaqua Diner, Tamaqua Dunkin Donuts and Tamaqua Turkey Hill for donating food and beverages for the residents and responders.

Pics compliments of Tamaquaarea.com can be located HERE.

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