518 Rolling Mill Avenue, CO Inhalation/Haz Mat

1317: AHCO and East End dispatched to 518 Rolling Mill Ave for Carbon Monoxide inhalation. Crew at station for block shoot and quickly responded, C772 in command. Update from county, CO detector activation in the home for some time today, batteries changed and re-activated. Home owners advised to exit home.

E776 on scene, crew of 4 with SCBA entered home and assisted occupants out. E775 arriving shortly after.
First floor readings of CO 15-20 PPM, basement with reading over 35 PPM, second and third floor 20-30 PPM. All windows opened with positive and negative fans in place to circulate fresh air. Occupant taken to hospital by personal vehicle. Coal burner on first floor turned off and hot coals removed.

All areas of home at ZERO PPM for more than 15 minutes. Crews remained on scene for 30-45 minutes.

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