266 West Broad St, House Fire

05/31/2021 2356: Tamaqua Fire, Tamaqua Rescue, EMS, dispatched to 226 West Broad St for reported house fire. Location quickly updated to 300 West Cottage Ave for a working house fire

Chief 65-3 shortly on scene and in command, confirming working fire with fire on division 2 sides alpha bravo heavy fire and smoke. E6510 in route, along with E6512 and L6520, AHCO E6511 shortly in route along with East End and South Ward. E6510 and E6512 too the address, E6511 came in on Cottage and Lehigh for hydrant, but crew was already dragging hose down the street. E6513 came in behind E6512 to establish water supply, E6514 took rear of structure on Mahanoy St. L6520 relocated Mahanoy St. E6510 deck gun in use, Blitzfire, 2 1/2″ and (2) 13/4″. Lines also pulled from E6512. Burn victim taken to Tamaqua High School for Medevac to burn center, assisted by District 27 companies for LZ.

Bulk of external fire knocked down, crews making advancement into structure from Beta and Delta side. Other crews making advancement on Charlie side and crew eventually made its way to porch on Alpha. Overhaul in process.

Carbon assisted on scene for RIT. 

Crews on scene for about 3 hours for overhaul, and additional hour to assure no active fire and home cleared. Units being sent back shortly after 0400.

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